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Some Just-in-Time Motivation

My winter hibernation has ended.  I’ve emerged from the cave, and I’m ready to kick some ass!
Here’s a great c-c-c-combo of videos that will turn a rainy day into a successful one:

A Word of Thanks

This blog was created to help me focus on my marketing career, design projects, and entrepreneurial aspirations.

Although this will not be a [strictly] financial blog, it was greatly inspired by Neville’s Financial Blog – a blog that was started by Neville Medhora to track his financial success.  Overtime, however, it became less about his money and investments and more about his various experiments and side projects such as Starbucks liquor recipes, an in depth exploration of affiliate marketing, and a week long adventure living as a homeless person.

In the last 5 years, I’ve made and lost friends, moved 4 times, gained and quit jobs, and graduated from business school (changing majors several times, I might add), but reading each post of Nev’s blog has always been something that I’ve maintained and drawn inspiration from.  Thus, I owe a big thank you to Neville Medhora!